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Laser Tattoo Removal in Bracknell, Berkshire

Laser Tattoo Removal

Treatment Overview

Unwanted black and coloured tattoos can be safely removed, gradually, with a course of laser treatments.

How Does It Work?

Over a series of treatments, usually between 10 – 60 minutes, high-tech lasers use concentrated light beams which pass through the skin, breaking up the tattoo ink. The fragmented particles are then naturally disposed of via the immune system. Q-Switched Lasers are considered by Dermatologists as being the ‘Gold Standard’ for the removal of unwanted tattoos with consistently successful results.

Treatment Aims

  • Can remove black tattoos completely

  • Lightens coloured tattoos

  • Idea to lighten tattoos before having a coverup

  • Minimal damage to skin

  • Quick healing

  • Treatments often carried out in under 10 minutes

Before & After

Treatment Price List

Price on consultation

From £60



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