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Facials in Berkshire

Red Carpet Facial

Treatment Overview

If you want A-list results for a party or special event, this is the facial for you. The Red Carpet Facial is perfect treatment to give you instant plumping, smoothing and tighter, natural-looking skin.  Rough skin patches and fine lines are smoothed, enlarged pores are minimised and your skin's elasticity is snapped back to give you that A-list look.

How Does it Work?

This facial uses a combination of treatments that produces excellent results: Radiofrequency skin treatment tightens and stimulates collagen production, followed by CooLift treatment which uses CO2 to deliver HA serum into the skin, and is finished with LED light therapy which prolongs the results.

Treatment Aims

  • Instant glowing results

  • Reduces open pores

  • No downtime

  • Results continue to develop weeks after the treatment

  • Tighter, smoother, brighter looking skin

  • Antibacterial effect

  • Painless

We recommend having this facial 1 week in advance of your event. You can enhance results progressively by having a series of 6 facials every 1-2 weeks.

Before & After

Treatment Price List

1 Session




4 Sessions


6 Sessions


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