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Do you have a nail fungal infection?

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Beauty Treatments in Bracknell, Berkshire
Do you have a nail fungal infection?

A few weeks ago I posted an article on the problem that affects around 15-25% of Brits: fungal nail infections. I also spoke of the wonderful laser treatment that is now available to rid us of those unsightly cases without the risk of reoccurrence, and without any of those dreaded side effects other forms of treatment may bring about.

I have however, had many of you pondering on the question as to whether nail fungus is indeed what you’re dealing with. Now there are a few signs and symptoms to look out for yourself, but as I’ve mentioned before if you are unsure then there is no harm in just coming to see me for a free consultation so I can check those toes.

Now you may be wondering what symptoms to be looking out for. Well, I’ll tell you…

  • Yellow stripes in the nail bed and underneath the actual nail

  • Frail, fractured, and thickened nail

  • Thick, discoloured nail that has separated from the skin

  • Build-up of dead skin and nail shards under the nail

  • Pain when pressure is applied

  • Unpleasant foul odour

Beauty Treatments in Bracknell, Berkshire
Yellow Stripes

Beauty Treatments in Bracknell, Berkshire
Inflammation & Pain

Beauty Treatments in Bracknell, Berkshire
Frail & Flaky

Now just because we’re drawing into the colder months it doesn’t mean you should just hide those toes and wait until next year – foot nail fungus isn’t something you want to let fester until next Summer. Keeping your feet all bunched up in big, warm socks isn’t going reduce the symptoms or the smell. Get it treated now with the fast, effective, safe, nail fungus laser treatment that I offer at Jale’s Beauty. Contact us to book your free consultation and get that fungus out of your life for good.


Jalé’s Clinic is an advanced aesthetic and holistic beauty clinic, we are committed to helping our clients both inside and out.  We offer a range of services including Tattoo Removal, Swedish Massage, Dermalogica Facial and HIFU Face Lift - for more information on the treatments we offer, or to book an appointment please call +44 (0) 7597 121 602 or email


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